Holding the bowl from flying off.

Crab Apple Tree Root

White Oak & Purple Heart, Dish

Pen and Pencil Holders

Walnut and Maple Vase, 280 pieces.

It is so beautiful when it is finished and polished


Purple Heart

Using a dial indicator to true up bowl before turning.

Using the Longworth chuck I made to clean up the bottom of the bowl.

Table saw sled to make the 15 and 30 degree base cuts.

Winged Box from White Oak & Walnut

Chinese Elm, offset Goblet

Purple Heart & Maple

Drawing out a plan on AutoCAD

All the Wood shavings.

Shaping threaded nut

Chinese Elm, Pot

Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm

Pen & Pencil holder and bowl

Chinese Elm, Chalice

White Oak

Chinese Elm, Dice Cup


The finished product.

Lint Rollers from White Oak

Bowl cut from Chinese Elm log

Clamping all the pieces together.

Pressure Pot


Chinese Elm, Chalice

Building Segmented Bowls

Resin pour after time in the Pressure Pot to get rid of the Bubbles

Turning resin is a stringy mess

Gluing and clamping segment bowl pieces.

Mushroom with natural edge

Table saw sled to make the 11.25 degree segmented cuts

The proud builder.

3D  Segmented

Working with resin

Segmented Bowls

Paper Towel Holders with threaded nut

Spoon and  Jig I made to turn it.

Mother Nature is the ultimate artist.  What beautiful colors.

Thickness drum sanding

Turning the Vase on the lathe, with a steady rest