Needed more room for Woodworking

Gauges and ham radio

This is what I bought after I retired

Building a sand rail for something to do after retirement

Engine oil heated carb plenum.

New leather covered seats

Rebuilding the trailer

Replaced railings and made frame for storage box

Built ramps

I put the engine in to see how it fit.

Sand blasting and I painted it, New floor

Locking pins for ramp

Building the skid plate frame

Retractable tongue, cover and support  leveling blocks.

Welding, cutting and grinding to build it tough

A wheelie

At California City desert

I striped it down to rebuild it right

A stop at Edwards AFB to fuel up on the way to California City.

I built a cradle so I could work on it

Sand rail frame powder coated.

Replacing the engine to fit the skid plate.