Lockheed California Co.

P3 Field Service

  • Tech Rep

Lockheed Skunk Works

F117A Stealth Fighter

  • Training Specialist

F117A Stealth Fighter Production (7 years)

  • Quality Engineer Senior, Top Secret Clearance.
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Hydraulic, Landing Gear and Fuel systems.

Analyzed manufacturing discrepancy reports to develop trend analysis’s and worked in coordination with Manufacturing, Planning, Design Engineering, Tooling, Field Service, Procurement and Vendors to resolve these discrepancies.  Presented Customer Quality briefings.

At the end of the F117A production in 1990 they closed the Lockheed Burbank plant and I was laid off.

From Lockheed I went to worked in the movie business. 

Rehired with Lockheed Martin 2005

F117A Stealth Fighter Modification & Rework, Palmdale, CA

  •  Liaison Engineer Senior.
  • Mechanical, Structural, Hydraulic, Landing Gear, Fuel

Airborne Laser Program, Edwards AFB

  • Mechanical Engineer Senior.

LMCO Retired 2008 / 12 years

I Joined the Navy  two weeks out of High School

Aviation Electrician's Mate, First Class Petty Officer.

Airplanes I worked on:

  • C131F, C1A, P2V7, P3B, P3C, RH53D

P3 Orion Flight Engineer

P3 Orion Maintenance Instructor

  • Electrical & Pilot / Flight Engineer Familiarization

I retired from the Navy in 1980

Then I worked for Lockheed Burbank.

Lockheed Martin

U.S. Navy

Working as a Stand-In

Living with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Screen Actors Guild

1966 with VP-56 at Rota Spain

I made my URN while I still can

Navy Retirement flag

Retirement photo

I need supplementary Oxygen day and night, 100% of the time.  

I married my most wonderful wife Belinda on Valentines day and hired a Barber Shop Quartet to sing at our wedding.

I love and respect my wife so much.

I was laid off from Lockheed after Lockheed California Co. closed the Burbank plant in 1990.

I worked as an Extra, Stand-In and Actor for TV and the Movie business. 

I retired from SAG after 14 years when Lockheed Martin rehired me. 

SAG Retired 2005 / 12 Years

In 1976 I divorced and was granted full custody of my 2 year old daughter Sherry. This picture was taken on our way to my new duty station at NAS Point Mugu, CA from NAS Norfolk, VA in 1977.

I built the camper out of plywood on a 1965 chevy truck and I put a V8 chevy engine in it. We camped out on our way to California.

Being a proud single father I named my truck  "SHERRY'S DADDY"

I'm so proud of my daughter and she raised me well. Now I have two wonderful grand children.  

  I am truly Living the Dream.