I made a jig for the router to cut the legs at the proper angle.

I sand the edges of the teeth with a belt sander.

You can take it with you if you move and give it to the kids for there children.

Cutting all the pieces out.

Instead of spray painting numbers on using a stencil, I use custom vinyl lettering like you see on so many cars and trucks. Using this medium I can also put on more than just numbers like; Watch Us Grow, Love Grows Here, Our Growing Family, As Love Grows, Loved Beyond Measure and so on.

             Making Gears 

 Before I bought my new CNC machine.

After they are glued and screwed together I cut plugs to cover the screw holes.

I us a drum sander to sand off the glued on paper pattern. 

A gear driven candy dispenser

Then a few coats of clear polyurethane to finish the project with "No Gaps"

Building foot stools

I built a Sphere turning tool

Before the CNC

For the final touch I use my oscillating spindle sander to smooth everything out.

First I make a drawing and then glue it into the board and drill the holes.

It's as easy to make a dozen as it is to make one once the tooling is set up.

Segmented turning blanks

Children's Growth Rulers

I made a jig for my router to cut the indentations for the inch and foot marks.

Following the lines I cut out the gear teeth with a bandsaw

My wonderful grand kids