I cover the soda bottles for finish spray coat. Spray the first coat and let it drys over night.  Sand it in the morning and spray second coat to dry over night.

I smoothed the center out and made a recess for the soda bottle to fit in.

I smooth the edges on the lathe

I made a tool to cut the soda bottles

I drill a 1" hole in each end to fit over the soda bottle ends

I run the blanks through the thickness sander to make even thickness

I spray paint all the bottoms and dowels

Assemble everything and insert the countersink plugs. I cut them flush and sand everything smooth.

I use a dial indicator true up disc on the lathe.

I made a tool to hold the center rings to form the shape

Empty the soda bottles

I cut the plugs for the screw countersink holes

With the dowel cut all the pieces are made


Now I fit check all the parts

I drill a screw countersink hole on the top side

Now I cut out the blanks for the center ring

I drill a hole through the center of the dowel insert recess

First I cut out the blanks and drill the lathe chuck recess and the three leg inserts.

Using the adjustable Chuck I made to hold the other side of the disc and mark the diameter for the soda bottles.